Year One Project 'Hartford Paint the City' invites you to help decide what murals go up in each of the neighborhoods! 

If you live in Hartford, hit the button to vote on the first 10 locations now!

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If you just want to check out the artwork in the running: click here

Hartford Decides Year 3 is here! Have some ideas? Want to hear what your neighbors think? Come to a brainstorming session and make your voice heard!

9/9 - HPL Downtown Branch - 10 AM
9/16 - Arroyo Rec Center - 12 PM
9/23 - Parker Rec Center - 12 PM
9/28 - HPL Albany Branch - 5 PM
10/3 - Metzner Rec Center - 5 PM

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Hartford Decides is an organization that promotes Participatory Budgeting in the City of Hartford.
Participatory Budgeting is a process that gives Hartford residents real power over real money! For year three, teams will propose project ideas to better Hartford neighborhoods and residents will vote on their favorite proposal to receive $250,000 in Capital Improvement funds!

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$250,000 in Capital Improvement Budget Funds