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Through Hartford Decide$ Year 1 participatory budgeting process, Hartford residents 13 years and older voted to use municipal Capital Improvement Funds for a project called “Hartford Paint the City” that will install one mural in each of Hartford’s 14 residential neighborhoods defined by the Neighborhood Revitalization Zones.

The City of Hartford and Hartford Decide$ are partnering with the Paint the City Implementation Team chaired by Jason Farquharson, an artist, resident, and Hartford native. Jason says of the project, “I want to change the way people think about Hartford by changing the way they see Hartford."

Hartford Paint the City and the Hartford Commission on Cultural Affairs have selected 29 artists, out of almost 100 submissions from around the globe, to participate in the final round of the process. Each of these artists submitted renderings of potential murals for the first 10 locations, now the residents of Hartford will vote on which murals we want to see in our neighborhoods.
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Mural Requirements

The City of Hartford has set aside Capital Improvement Funds to create Hartford Paint the City. Mural locations (usually publicly owned buildings) are being identified with input from Neighborhood Revitalization Zones (NRZs) and other residents.
  • Murals will be designed by the artists selected through the process outlined below.
  • Artists must involve neighborhood residents in the painting of the murals with NRZ assistance.
  • Artists will receive a stipend for each mural that must cover all costs of time and materials.
  • Artists may be selected to create up to three murals.
  • Mural completion will be required in 2017, final dates TBD.
  • Upon completion, the mural must be varnished.

Artist Selection Process

Artist Selection was a two-round process. During Round 1, we received almost 100 submissions from artists around the world indicating their interest in being considered for Hartford Paint the City. The Hartford Commission on Cultural Affairs selected a pool of 29 artists who were invited to submit, in Round 2, mural proposals for specific locations.


  • Artists or groups of artists may work in any genre.
  • Artists must have experience in designing and painting murals.
  • Preference will be given – but not limited to – artists that reside in the City of Hartford or artist groups with a place of business in the city of Hartford.

Round One Submission
Each artist submited the following information by
Friday, July 28, 2017:
  • Artist’s name, email address, phone number, and residence or business address
  • CV or narrative describing the artist’s body of work, years as an artist, and other qualifications
  • At least five (5) sample images depicting the artist’s body of work

Round Two Submission (Mural Proposals)

The Hartford Commission on Cultural Affairs selected the artists who were invited to submit in Round 2. Specific locations were provided as well as a stipend to submit the following:
  • Up to four 11 x 17 images (JPGs or PDFs) for each mural design / Up to 3 NRZs considered for each artist
  • Mural description for each submission explaining the design and impact it will have on the community
  • A detailed budget including cost of materials and a timeline of completion and varnish coating
  • Desired mural location, neighborhood and dimensions of the work (final locations are chosen by the city)

Preliminary Selection
Artists were notified of their selection to submit mural proposals in September.

Final Selection
The public vote, being held between 9/30 and 10/10 for the first 10 locations, will determine which of the mural designs will be completed in each of the neighborhoods.


The public vote is now open. Click the button below and submit your ballot!

You must be a Hartford resident to cast a vote.

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